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WEDDING CORNER-WEDDING PLANNER,Janice在2007年開始就以義務性質及利用空餘時間幫助朋友籌備/統籌婚禮, 經驗慢慢累積至2010年,亦得到不少的口碑。於是在2010年正式成立"Wedding Corner"提供全面性的婚禮統籌服務及宴會統籌服務,為顧客安排屬於他們個性的婚禮及宴會。作為一位專業的婚禮統籌師(Wedding Planner)及宴會統籌師(Event Planner),除了要清楚明白顧客的需要,我們亦著重與客人溝通及建立彼此的信任。我們著重"以客為本、貼心服務"的宗旨,提供有質素的服務給每一位客人。



Our Chief Wedding & Event Planner

Janice was married. She became a full time wedding planner in 2007 and established Wedding Corner in 2010.

Witnessing so many lovebirds getting married, Janice has come across unforgettable experiences. "In the eyes of public, our duty is just sourcing service providers, such as floral and venue decoration,etc..In fact, we are an event planner in the field of wedding, and we need to be experienced enough to handle all kinds of unanticipated and ensure that 'the show must go on'.

In addition to taking care of wedding to the smallest details, Janice thinks"communication" is also an integral part of their responsibilities. "As you might have heard, a wedding may lead to family arguments and friendshio disasters, if not properly managed."Janice continued to elaborate, "To avoid dispute, both the bride and the groom have to communicate closely with their parents. and also the sisters and brothers(maid of honour and bestman).

In these years, we get a recognition and support from the client, In 2013, we also provide the event management such as company annual dinner; Hundred Days(birthday party), wedding anniversary and party supplies, etc

In the end, you are the one who makes the final decision, and I am here to help and assist.

"The most touching moment is when heartfelt appreciation is expressed by the bridal couple and family members. To us, that is the best reward!"

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